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This page illustrates where we are. Our laboratory is in Saijo Campus of Hiroshima University.

Where is Hiroshima?

Hiroshima prefecture is in Chugoku region, which corresponds to the westernmost part of Honshu mainland of Japan.

Hiroshima Prefecture

Saijo Campus of Hiroshima University is in Higashihiroshima City (designated as Academic City).

Higashihiroshima City

This picture illustrates Higashihiroshima City area. Gateways to our University are Hiroshima Airport (flight), JR Saijo Station (Japan Railway, Sanyo-honsen Line), JR Higashihiroshima Station (JR Shinkansen Line), Saijo IC (exp. way).

Saijo Campus Map

Our laboratory is a member of Graduate School of Engineering, which occupies big area of east part of Saijo Campus.

Local Map of Graduate School of Engineering

Our laboratory rooms are on the 4th floor of A1 building.

Useful information to visit our laboratory is also available at Directions Page.

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